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Creating outdoor recreational spaces with quality street furniture

Creating quality outdoor recreational spaces is known to attract customers. It also improves employee well-being and makes businesses more profitable.

These spaces are even more important now as the long-term effects of covid-19 on our everyday lives is still undetermined.
The next few years will see a shift towards more outdoor public spaces to meet this new demand. There will be an increase of pedestrianised streets for the extension of outdoor café society, and new inner city green spaces that will change the way we use high streets, and we will see the emergence rooftop terraces for residents of new apartment buildings.
Bailey Street Furniture Group has the Linares range of external table & bench sets. Linares is a versatile range that delivers a classic, consistent look to any public outdoor space.
With its robust steel frame structure, high quality timbers and clean lines, the attractive and practical Linares series is suited for these new external spaces.
The Picnic set is ideal for outdoor dining. A wide table with bench or seat options which can accommodate 10 – 12 people. The picnic set is perfect for recreational spots and catering spaces within leisure, retail and hospitality settings.
The Linares bench is available in two lengths (2004mm or 3000mm) and three widths (450mm, 800mm, 1200mm) allowing for a wide seating surface where required for two people to sit back-to-back.
Designed with adaptability in mind, full or partial back rest options are available, which allow a variety of modes and uses within a given space.
To complete the range, the Linares collection includes an Urban Sun Lounger (available as either single or double width). The lounger is great for public parks and private rooftop gardens.
This versatile series has been a popular choice for educational facilities. BSFG have supplied the Linares picnic set to many institutes including the University of Manchester’s Samuel Alexander Building. It has created a communal courtyard located in the middle of the building.
Seating elements from the range were also selected at De Montfort University in Leicester, as part of an external events space. The seating is spread over the area to allow space for walking between the rows.
Anti-Skate studs were added to the benches as it is a large open area that gets a lot of traffic and the studs reduce the chance of damage to the product. This area can also be used for students to eat outside or socialise and relax between classes.
One of the most notable projects that has featured the Linares range is at the Jaguar Land Rover Headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire.
The new 50,000m² facility that will be at the heart of Jaguar Land Rover’s plans to create autonomous, connected, electrified and shared mobility technologies.
The site features many of the Linares Picnic Sets and benches on the campus for staff and visitors. These echo the location’s architecture and company ethos.
The whole range is a simple yet intelligent approach to design. A seating & dining solution that provides a contemporary addition to any outdoor space.
The range is designed by Westeifel Werke, an award-winning not-for-profit street furniture company.
The production plant in Weinsheim was designed especially for the production of urban and outdoor furnishings. It gives meaningful employment and training to over 500 disabled employees.
The products use only FSC certified timbers. This means the timbers are sourced from sustainable sites that maintain the forests and encourage new trees.
This makes the products a more sustainable option. Especially for towns and cities that are developing targets for liveable green cities.
The Linares range of products is available in the UK from the Bailey Street Furniture Group.
For more information on the Bailey Street Furniture Group please contact 01625 322888 or email [email protected]. To view the company’s range of high-quality street furniture visit their website www.bsfg.co.uk
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