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D Turf Care System 1500mm (60”)

by | 07 Feb 23 | Promotion

The D Turf Care System comes with various interchangeable attachments, from corers, slitters, aerators, sorrel rollers and more. This cost-effective solution allows you to care for your grass in numerous ways, all in one machine. The benefits are most apparent over the rainy seasons, where the improved drainage from the system will keep the mud at bay.

The robust frame has a category 1 three point linkage tractor mounting as standard, with other categories supplied upon request.  A weight tray is incorporated into the design allowing the option to add up to 250kg of top weight to gain the desired penetration depth.  This tray is also extremely useful for the transportation of tools and equipment. The removable floating roller with an adjustable scraper bar will push back any plucked divots without closing the penetrations.

Deep Aerator Attachment (Ref: DAM)
Nine heavy-duty aeration discs on a 50mm stainless steel axle c/w bearings, easily bolt onto the carrying frame.  The discs will penetrate up to 180mm (7″) in suitable conditions.

Deep Slitter with Replaceable Tines Attachment (Ref: DSM2)
The fine turf slitter is equipped with slender hardened blades with knife edges.  This gives clean penetration into the soil, leaving the surface free from any turf tearing or plucking. The blades can be unbolted and replaced when worn.

Deep Hollow Tine Corer Attachment (Ref: DHTC)
This hollow tine corer bolts onto the carrying frame the same way as the aerator or slitter.  The revolving discs fitted with hollow spoon tines delve into the turf surface to remove, on average, a 75mm (3″) core.  Removing cores from turfed areas allows air and water direct access to the root system.

SCH manufacture a variety of additional attachments, as well as a 36”, 40” and 48” version of their Turf Care System.

Contact SCH on 01473 328272, email, or visit their website,

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