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Deepdale announces new management buyout

Deepdale, a leading nursery in the UK, has announced the completion of a management buyout to help enhance the company’s success further and begin their EU expansion.

As expert growers and wholesalers of high-quality mature trees and shrubs, Deepdale’s aim is to invest more into the company and their staff to enable internal and external business growth.

The change occurred after Deepdale was approached by a private equity company looking to invest in green projects. Unfortunately, this was not successful due to a disagreement regarding the deal, and it was then that the current management team decided a buyout would be the most beneficial option in allowing the company to move forward.

Customers are assured that the change in ownership does not mean there is any change in Deepdale’s ongoing mission to provide high quality trees and shrubs for the market. The structure of the buyout will allow Deepdale to offer more to their UK clients.

Michael Hickson, finance director, said: “We are looking to open a company in Europe as we deal with a lot of clients such as landscape architects and designers across the EU. This will enable us to supply trees to them without the Brexit difficulties there are surrounding trade.”

Matthias Anton, who is based in Germany providing the company with a voice in Europe, said: “I am looking forward to a new era within the company as the management team build on its past success over the coming years. As part of that he says that Deepdale are already helping and supplying our UK clients with their projects in Europe.”

Deepdale takes their environmental and biosecurity responsibilities seriously and work hard to ensure they reduce their carbon footprint.

Another benefit the management buyout will provide is an expansion of container holding and the introduction of quarantining facilities. This will aid the economy because of the ability to hold more stock and encourage more enquiries.

Andrew Fenton, production director, said: “Over the coming years we will be looking to expand our growing and holding facilities within the UK enabling us to provide more containerisation space as well as the ability to stock more of the items that our clients require.”

The new co-owners of the company Mark Godden, Andrew Fenton, Matthias Anton, and Michael Hickson would like to extend their thanks to both Graham Larby and John Malmoe as the outgoing major shareholders.

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