Discover the Large Capacity Trailed Collector from SCH Supplies

Since 1986, SCH Supplies have been dedicated to building machinery specifically for groundskeepers. Their product range fits perfectly between domestic garden products and heavy industrial farm machinery. Their equipment is designed around the British climate, with wide profile wheels often featured to tackle mud and winter conditions.

The Large Capacity Trailed Collector TRCL collects leaves, cut grass and lawn debris. It features a front-mounted powerful fan unit which sucks up green waste from the towing vehicles cutter deck, propelling it into the trailer. The trailer has a low centre of gravity, which makes it extremely stable on hilly ground. Wide pneumatic wheels significantly reduce sinking and wheel markings on soft ground.

The advantage of the TRCL is that it dramatically increases the collecting capacity so that larger areas can be collected in one fill, reducing the amount of time and labour required. The fan on the unit is belt-driven to protect the engine should a blockage occur.

By designing and manufacturing their equipment themselves, SCH has excellent flexibility when it comes to customers requesting variations to their standard products. Their vast array of sweepers, suction units and trailers can be customised to suit the requirements of the user, allowing them to keep their land looking beautiful as efficiently as possible.

For a free brochure featuring over 200 British built machines, contact SCH on 01473 328272, email, or visit their website to find out more

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