Diversity, inclusivity and equality charter signed at FutureScape 2022

Members from numerous industry associations have signed a charter committing to creating a more inclusive industry.  

The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter for the Horticulture, Arboriculture, Landscaping & Garden Media profession was signed at FutureScape 2022 on Tuesday 15 November. The signing followed a seminar in which representatives from the British Association of Landscape Industries, the Society of Garden Designers (SGD), the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and the Landscape Institute (LI) had shared how they have worked and are working towards making the industry more diverse, amongst tackling other industry topics.  

The charter came about after the British Association of Landscape Industries’ Access All Areas webinar nearly a year ago, after which panellists and attendees were eager to see the discussions at the event taken forward. Signatories include British Association of Landscape Industries’ CEO Wayne Grills, SGD chair Lynne Marcus, the LI’s CEO Sue Morgan, and APL general manager Phil Tremayne.  

Each has committed to creating an inclusive culture, to measure engagement and improve representation. They have also agreed to provide access to resources for educating and upskilling colleagues and members and diversity and inclusion, as well as promoting the industry as a fully inclusive and accessible environment. 

Adrian Wickham, a board member for the British Association of Landscape Industries who appeared on the Access All Areas and has been one of those spearheading the charter, says: “This is one of many steps in the right direction that the industry is collaborating with. We all need more people in each of our sectors and by working together we can promote the industry to a wider, more diverse audience.” 

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