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DJ Turfcare introduces new Bushranger Edger E35

DJ Turfcare has introduced the new Bushranger Edger E35, specifically designed for local authority and contracting work. This is an extremely robustly built edger with an advanced 3.1hp Kawasaki FJ100 4 stroke OHV engine delivering plenty of power and long, reliable service. The machine features a number of innovations with new controls developed to reduce operator hand fatigue, notably a ‘dead man’s handle’ with a micro switch cut-out for greater safety and which negates the need for the operator to hold down a lever.

The Exposure Limit Value (ELV) of the Bushranger is 567 minutes per day, with low vibration  and low noise, aided by a muffler and cover, allowing use for over eight hours. Controlled manually from the operator station, a simple lever is used to engage the cutting blade, with a similar arrangement for the cutting depth and kerb wheel; the third wheel dropping down to run in the gutter. The cutting depth has seven settings up to 72mm/2.85” and the cutter head tilts to the left and right to provide several different angles for border edging.

“The Bushranger has always been a very popular edger with professionals and local authorities,” says David Jenkins, DJ Turfcare’s Managing Director, “and the new Bushranger E35 offers rugged performance combined with a top class finish, whilst providing the user with near effortless operation and high productivity.” More details can be found at or call 01483 200976

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