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    Doosan Launches New Reduced Tail Swing Excavator

    Doosan Construction Equipment has launched the new Stage IIIB compliant DX140LCR-3 15.3 tonne reduced tail swing crawler excavator.

    The new DX140LCR-3 excavator meets an increasing demand for reduced radius machines as an alternative to conventional models for work on urban, utility, highway, rail, bridge and other confined space construction sites.  Designed to exceed customer expectations for productivity, comfort, reliability, durability and reduced operating costs, the new DX140LCR-3 excavator will appeal to civil engineers, contractors, utilities, rental companies, landscapers and many other potential customers looking for increased profits and an unbeatable return on investment.

    Higher Power and Productivity

    The DX140LCR-3 excavator is powered by the Cummins QSB 4.5 common rail 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine featuring the latest evolution in maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) after-treatment technology to meet Stage IIIB engine emission regulations.

    The maintenance-free catalyst system is achieved using a catalytic coating and substrate uniquely tailored to this generation of engine.  By
    passively oxidizing particulate matter from the exhaust stream with the simplicity of a small flow-through catalyst, Doosan has been able to use the new Cummins engine to achieve Stage IIIB emissions levels with no compromise in engine transient response or reliability at the highest load factors or in the toughest applications.  The passive catalyst system is the simplest, most reliable after treatment technology in this very competitive power band and offers the lowest cost of operation without any need for operator interaction, lamps, regeneration, burners or a diesel particulate filter.

    The engine runs at 2200 RPM and delivers 11% more power [81 kW (108 HP) (SAE J1995)] and 10% more torque (49.8 kgf.m) compared to
    the previous Stage IIIA compliant DX140LCR model, delivering up to a 5% increase in the productivity (m3/h) to fuel consumption (l/h) ratio, depending on the operating mode selected and the work being undertaken.

    Arm and bucket forces have been increased by up to 8% along with the travel speed which can now reach 3.2 and 5.3 km/h in the low and high range, respectively.  Owing to the incorporation of a 400 kg heavier counterweight (3500 kg), the lifting capacities for the new DX140LCR-3 excavator have also been boosted by up to 7%.

    The overall reduction of fuel consumption is connected with the improved cooling efficiency, resulting from the fitting of a new fan clutch with
    electrically controlled fan speed.  Based on coolant, hydraulic oil and cooled charged air temperatures and target engine speeds, fan speed is controlled electrically resulting in much lower fan noise and better fuel efficiency.

    Increased Operator Comfort 

    The new ROPS and OPG certified cab offers more space for the operator and several convenient features such as direct control through the joysticks, which have new proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons to provide precise, proportional control of attachments.

    The control console offers new functionality with an attachment control function as standard, allowing the operator to record and select hydraulic flow and pressures to operate up to 10 different attachments.

    Standard features also include an adjustable air conditioning system plus a high quality heated air suspension seat.

    Durability and Serviceability

    The new DX140LCR-3 crawler excavator has a more robust undercarriage with reinforced components, such as track links, track springs and sprockets.  The boom and arm have also been strengthened by increasing the metal thickness at critical points and using reinforced bushings.

    Specific attention has been given to increasing access to components for service work and the engine, pump, filters, radiator, valves and batteries are all within easy reach via several compartments located around the machine.

    The DX140LCR-3 excavator is offered as standard with a 2.59 m width, 600 mm steel shoes and with monobloc front working equipment.  Among numerous options offered are articulated front working equipment; sturdy dozer blades and 500 mm rubber track pads (reducing machine width to 2.49 m). The last mentioned above are ideal for reducing damage to asphalt roads on urban work sites.

    For more information about Doosan construction equipment, visit www.doosanequipment.eu


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