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Dripline check valve technology offers water conservation and consistent irrigation for sloped landscapes

by | 15 Mar 23 | Partner Content, Promotion

The Rain Bird XFS-CV Dripline irrigation system features a heavy-duty 0.3 bar check valve. This practical and water saving feature makes it suitable for installation in landscapes with slopes as either a sub-surface or on-surface solution. Dripline can, of course, also be used on level gradients.

The check valve, with its silicon pressure regulating diaphragm, features in every emitter and keeps the Dripline charged with water in elevation changes of up to three metres. It can therefore be used in installations where other drip irrigation technology will not work. By keeping water in the XFS-CV Dripline at all times, it is conserved within the system and there is no need to refill everytime a new watering cycle takes place. With the check valve, puddling and the risk of oversaturated soil at the lowest point in the irrigation zone are also prevented.

The pressure compensating emitter design ensures a consistent water flow over the complete lateral length of the installation, resulting in high irrigation uniformity within 1.38 – 4.14 bar operating range.This provides much better consistency when irrigating plants throughout a zone.

Durability and reliable performance are hallmarks of Rain Bird’s Dripline technology. XFS-CV Dripline features Rain Bird’s patented Copper Shield Technology that protects the emitter from root intrusion with a pure copper chip at each emitter. The emitter also resists clogging by grit thanks to its wide flow path and self-flushing action. The dual layer is a key feature of Dripline tubing, providing high UV, chemicals and algae resistance. 

XFS-CV Dripline is very flexible tubing, accommodating tighter turns and making it easier to design a layout that matches the specific irrigation needs of sloped and flat landscapes. It is also easier for the installer to deploy. Versions are available with a full range of industry standard emitter flow rates, emitter spacings and coil lengths to provide further design flexibility. XF Dripline barbed insert fittings and other 17mm barbed insert fittings can be used.

For more information contact Peter Longman, Rain Bird Europe.

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