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Dryrun: evaluating and adjusting irrigation system design in advance for water savings and optimum performance

Dryrun is the latest addition to Rain Bird’s IQ4 Central Irrigation Control Platform. It enables users to see in advance what performance to expect from an irrigation system. Dryrun’s visualisation capability takes away the need for painstaking manual recalculation of irrigation schedules and programs. It especially offers major benefits for professionals involved with more complex systems, typically larger commercial applications or sports turf installations, where multiple programs and large numbers of sprinklers are involved. Users can see immediately the effect of making adjustments to irrigation times, watering delays and switching stations on or off.

Once the irrigation controller has been programmed and control valves have been set up, along with other features including Cycle + Soak and Flo-Manager, Dryrun can be employed. The predicted performance of the irrigation system can be examined over preset periods of one, three or seven days as well as over a customised timeframe from one to thirty one days.

Dryrun will show in detail how the installation will operate minute-by-minute in that period, including when individual sprinklers will start and stop, their sequence and water usage. It will display maximum flow rates in advance to check that the capacity of the system will not be exceeded any time. It will indicate when particular programs and stations will be functioning, what the flow rates will be for each one and the total water usage. The user will be able to determine in advance how long an entire cycle may take and make any necessary adjustments for water savings and optimum irrigation scheduling.

Dryrun gives the user different forecast display options. These include a simple lists of stations, projected and scheduled start and end times as well as detailed graphs with easy to view click and zoom details of programs, stations, times, flow rates and water usage totals.

With Dryrun, Rain Bird is adding a free of charge off-line tool for users of the versatile browser based IQ4 platform. With today’s focus on water savings and the environment, it will be most valuable to irrigation system designers, contractors and managers.

For more information, contact Peter Longman, Rain Bird Europe, plongman@rainbird.eu  www.rainbird.eu

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