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DuoSpan and DuoLift prove to be a popular combination

Since its introduction a year ago, Millboard’s DuoSpan subframe system has won consistently excellent reviews from deck installers.

DuoSpan comprises high strength aluminium beams and joists which combine with Millboard’s unique PlasPro material – made from 100% recycled plastic – to enable an almost infinite range of designs. From simple decks to structures incorporating steps, screening, seating, pergolas and planters, with straight lines or curves, the various components combine to make construction simple and quick.

Millboard has carefully thought through every element of the system to maximise its flexibility and ease of use, with a range of fixed and flexible brackets that allow the components to be connected at almost any angle. Screw-locating grooves and self-drilling screws ensure fast, consistent fitting, especially with the uniquely designed brackets to help each joint sit flush, every time. Durability is also built-in, with even the fixings having a cathodic barrier coating to minimise potential galvanic corrosion.

On hard surfaces, the complementary DuoLift range of stackable risers and adjustable joist cradles allows decks to be supported at any height between 15 and 350mm, while self-levelling joints makes it easy to achieve a perfectly flat surface. On soft surfaces, and even directly into water, sturdy Plas-Pro posts can be sunk into the ground to support the DuoSpan framework. Due to the materials used, the risk of the subframe rotting or suffering from fungal decay – a common cause of deck failure – is removed, as is the possibility of attack by insect larvae or algae.

DuoSpan provides the perfect subframe for Millboard decking but can also act as a universal support system for many types of outdoor flooring, cladding and other outdoor features. Users have particularly praised the simplicity and speed with which even complex outdoor structures can be constructed.

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