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€2m Dalkey properties complete with high quality finish from Tobermore

When Robert Doyle Ecobuild Ltd won the contract to build the 3,000 sq. ft. €2 million homes at Dalkey Avenue, the contractor sought hard landscaping products that could perform well over time while complementing the distinct aesthetics of the properties. Tobermore surpassed expectations with the provision of attractive permeable paving, block paving and kerbing products for the scheme.

Robert Doyle of Robert Doyle Ecobuild Ltd, explained that the architects objective for the landscape at Dalkey Avenue was to provide a high quality driveway with a practical, long-lasting finish.

Due to the positioning of the homes on the sloped site, which are tucked away off Dublin Bay, a product with permeable capabilities was desired as a method of combating potential flooding.

With the increase in flash flooding in areas of Ireland and the UK in recent years, there is more demand than ever for permeable landscaping materials. For this reason, Tobermore offers the innovative Hydropave permeable paving range. Hydropave is manufactured with all the aesthetic qualities of the standard product equivalent, ensuring style is never compromised on projects that require a permeable solution.

Following the assessment of Tobermore’s Hydropave Sienna Duo, as well as Sienna block paving, Robert Doyle commented on what set Tobermore’s offerings apart from others in the marketplace: “Samples of other products were received, but the thorough colour treatment and consistent texture of the Tobermore products were ideal for the project – rather than a product with a surface dye or smooth aggregate finish.”

Robert explained the landscape look envisioned for Dalkey Avenue: “The architects design concept was to use high quality monochrome hard finishes set against a natural planted landscape design.”

Tobermore’s Hydropave Sienna Duo and Sienna met the design brief perfectly. The products are both manufactured with a sparkling granite aggregate surface layer that produces a sophisticated, modern appearance, similar to natural granite.

A colour combination of Hydropave Sienna Duo in rich Graphite and warm Sandstone alongside Sienna in chic Silver was specified for the project. The incorporation of the three product colours created a unique design.

Tobermore also supplied kerbing products to complete the contemporary landscape. Country Kerb and Quadrant Kerb, both in a striking granite finish, were the ideal choice. The sparkling appearance of these kerbing products enhance the Hydropave Sienna Duo and Sienna paving beautifully.

In addition to the striking outside appearance, the lavish properties are complete with indulgent interiors and unique design features. With gorgeous south facing balconies that offer stunning views of Dublin Bay, private garden space divided onto three levels, purpose-built garden outhouses, and the provision of high security, it is plain to see why Dalkey Avenue has earned much interest.

Robert Doyle commented on the outcome of the project: “The combination of hard finishes provided by Tobermore paving and the use of different colours, along with the edging products, brought together a really pleasing design.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Tobermore products to anyone in the construction industry.”

Image credit: Kevin Mcfeely

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