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    Easigrass celebrates record-breaking year at 2014 Conference & Awards

    Over 150 people from across the globe gathered at Hotel Café Royal, London, this December to celebrate the Easigrass 2014 Conference & Awards, celebrating what is British and Best about the definitive artificial grass industry leaders, Easigrass.

    The Easigrass Group of Companies’ Managing Director, Anthony J. Gallagher, presided over the entire event and presented 20 Awards to both franchise and industry partners who have demonstrated excellence in all aspects of their business management and dealings throughout 2014.

    According to Mr Gallagher, “I am so proud to be able to celebrate my teams who continue to fly the Easigrass flag around the world. From Dubai to Dumfries, the Easigrass name is the most trusted in the business today and this is down to three main factors: Product, People and Persistence. I would like to thank everyone for their outstanding contribution this year and look forward to a very exciting 2015 – particularly within the horticultural sector and new product launches.”

    Award winner for ‘Outstanding Contribution’, celebrated garden designer, Tony Smith of Hortus infinitus, who worked with Easigrass in 2012 achieving Gold for a Judged Show Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, added:-

    “I am always thrilled to be associated with excellence and Anthony and his extended global team embody this 100%. We will have another exciting collaboration to announce in 2015 and I am delighted to be part of the extended Easigrass family.”

    The full list of awards presented at the Easigrass 2014 Conference & Awards include:-

    1.Outstanding Contribution – Award-winning garden designer, Tony Smith, Hortus infinitus

    2.New Marketing and Sales Techniques Award – Easigrass Glasgow, Gordon MacDonald and Team

    3.Top Performing Island Award – Easigrass Jersey, John Deans and Team

    4.Top Franchise Salesperson Award – £1.080 million – Easigrass Hertfordshire, Robert Kennedy and Team

    5.Trade Show Award – Easigrass Dorset, Gerry Whittle and Team

    6.Landscape Show Award – Easigrass Worcs, Rupert Keys and Team

    7.Outstanding Start – 6-figure sum purchases in 12 months – Easigrass Surrey, Tim Royce and Team

    8.Top Retail Display Award – Easigrass North East, John Devlin and Team

    9.Highest Growth Achievement Award – +111% – Easigrass Cambridgeshire, Clare and Nick Howard

    10.Avant-Garde Award – Easigrass North East, John Devlin and Team

    11.The Outstanding Installation Award – Easigrass North West, Jon Jacques and Team

    12.Team Player Award – Easigrass Wales East, Beth and Chris Carpenter and Team

    13.Product Placement Award – 70 display areas throughout Northern Ireland and Isle of Man – Easigrass Northern Ireland, Neil Hopkins and Claire Lancaster and Team

    14.Gallagher Brothers Award – Easigrass Sussex, Nick and Clair Fuller and Team

    15.Key Relationship Building Award – Easigrass Kent, Harry Peacock and Team

    16.Top Island Growth Award – +168% – Easigrass Guernsey, Thomas Wilkins and Team

    17.Top International Installation Award – Easigrass Ibiza, Maurizio Fabris and Katarina Baltar and Team

    18.Largest International Volume Growth Award – Van Dyck Corporation, Easigrass South Africa and Team

    19.Best International Newcomer Award – Easigrass Dubai, Ben Bloomfield and Team

    20.Top Easigrass HQ Salesperson of 2014 Award – Between 3rd January 2014 – 6th December 2014 by this one individual – Over £1million in retail sales – Ben Garrat, Easigrass London (HQ)

    Easigrass, the artificial grass company, is the number one global artificial grass installer in the world. Now covering the whole of the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Channel Islands, Easigrass has also launched in Dubai and The UAE, Balearic Islands, New Zealand and South Africa.



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