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    Easigrass shows commitment to racquet sports with sponsorship of top Spanish padel star

    The UK’s No1 artificial brand, Easigrass, has linked up with the No1 Mallorquin (Balaeric Islands) padel star, 24 year old Sandra Hernandez Camacho.  Easigrass has been linked with the tennis and racquet industries for over 30 years and has installed courts the world over including Lawn Tennis Clubs, David Lloyd as well as for many LHA’s and schools.

    Padel is becoming the fastest growing racquet sport in the world, one whose roots may have originally been borne out of cruise ships, to entertain passengers on board.  In today’s ever-diminishing supply of land and space, Padel is a great solution for both sporting clubs and property developers alike as the court is half the size of a traditional tennis court.

    Working with Sandra for her 2014/15 sporting year, Easigrass will help towards costs of Sandra’s international travel and essential kit.  Padel is a sport that is loved and played throughout Spain and Latin American countries.  Latino passion of the sport is rising in the UK as well.

    According to Jonathan Gallagher, Managing Director of Easigrass Sport:-

    “Easigrass is delighted to have formed a working partnership with Sandra.  Not only because it supports our local commitment to Mallorca and the Balaeric Islands with Easigrass Spain but also because Easigrass is a global, cutting edge industry leader.

    “Padel is just starting out as a household sport, with presence emerging in David Lloyd centres.  There is a huge opportunity for industry growth over the next 10 years and I can only hope the LTA support this movement which will no doubt breathe new life, increased revenue and new members into existing tennis clubs.

    “It makes perfect sense and synergy to team up with talent in a relatively new and dynamic sport that is taking the world by storm.  We think ahead of the box, not outside it.”

    Easigrass Sport is the definitive trusted industry leader when it comes to the replacement or creation of artificial sporting surfaces.  From tennis, hockey and football to rugby and golf, Easigrass has over 30 years’ experience and knowledge of the artificial turfing business.

    Tips from Easigrass about getting the right surface rely on several key points, including:-

    • Choosing a high quality, tested and approved surface
    • Ensuring a hard, level and free draining base is used under the surface to retain the right play characteristics
    • Only using the best installers, who use the right installation equipment
    • Keeping on top of maintenance to maintain performance
    • Regular performance checks to keep the system playing to its optimum

    For samples and more information please visit www.Easigrass.com




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