Eco-friendly ways to boost and grow your landscaping business

For businesses today, sustainability is no longer a luxury. Climate change and environmental responsibility are fast becoming a top priority with consumers all over. Environmental responsibility is becoming governmental policy too, with nationwide targets to reduce 78% of carbon by 2035 becoming concrete motivation for consumers and business owners to change their purchasing behaviours.

Gone are the days where a low price point would guarantee quick sales. There is infinite value in being a sustainable business, and the landscaping sector is following suit.

What it means to be a sustainable business

Being a sustainable business is not only defined by the products you sell. Sustainable businesses look to add value to society and communities, presenting alternative business models that operate on an ecological, social and environmental basis.

Businesses must also be open to consumers about their environmental efforts. Giant brands like Coca Cola, Nike and Nestle are leading the way by laying bare their environmental impact and minimising it in any way possible. A key part of the community and society’s efforts in saving the planet, sustainable businesses play a huge role in setting the standards in which an ecological society lives.

How to boost your landscaping business in an eco-friendly way

The very nature of landscaping work directly impacts the immediate environment, making it one of the most scrutinised industries when it comes to sustainability. However, there are plenty of ways to make your practice environmentally friendly by creating a welcome haven for wildlife as well as creating ecological, self-sustaining systems that benefit people and animals.

Consider keeping the grass taller at 2.5 inches, planting shrubs that are native to the area, setting up a robust compost system so that all garden waste is recycled and using organic fertiliser. Such practices will reduce the amount of water the lawn needs, protect the local wildlife from harmful chemicals and cultivate a healthy, nutritious soil that can be used to grow fruit and vegetables.

Why not also go electric? With so many battery-powered gardening tools available, minimise polluting the air with electric lawnmowers and battery-powered hand tools. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they are a whole lot less noisy too! Invest in top quality Milwaukee power tools and open your business to environmentally conscious customers who prefer a quieter service.

Make it official

Get professional credibility with a third-party sustainability certification. Independent bodies like the Green Business Bureau helps you prioritise green initiatives and cost-saving efforts with its online certification process.

It also doesn’t hurt to show your face at green initiatives in your area. Not only will you be seen as a frontrunner in sustainability, your brand will also generate great publicity as a committed contributor to the local community and pioneer of environmentally friendly practices

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