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Burleys star in eco-friendly weed killer video

Burleys, who use eco-friendly weed killer on a commercial basis, plays a role in a new video promoting the benefits of the Foamstream system.
The six-minute video features organisations from the USA, Canada, France, Germany and Sweden – as well as the UK. They have switched to using the herbicide free hot foam treatment. This is both effective and safe to use around watercourses and children’s play areas.
The Foamstream system, created by Weedingtech, is enjoying a massive surge in popularity. This comes as local councils search for green alternatives to chemical treatments.

Interviewees include:

A French mayor, delighted at eco-friendly weed killer treatments halving since using Foamstream. An American company using the product in New York’s Central Park. A Swedish contractor who says time spent on manual labour is 75% lower. A Canadian firm which says Foamstream is “ready to explode.”
Burleys, part of the TCL Group, was recently named one of the London Stock Exchange’s 1,000 companies to Inspire Europe. It has been working with the charity Pesticide Action Network UK which is campaigning to reduce herbicide use across the country.
It successfully trialled the Foamstream system with Lewes District Council. The council is working towards eliminating pesticides from all public areas including parks.
It works by acting as a thermal blanket, stopping the heat in the hot water escaping to the atmosphere and keeping the heat on the weed long enough to kill it.
The organic, biodegradable foam mixture is made from plant oils and sugars, wheat, potatoes, rapeseed and coconut oils. It can also be used to remove chewing from pavements, eliminate graffiti and as a power washer – giving the machine use all year round.
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