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    eFIG Office Plant of the Year 2013 named

    After a couple of months of voting and a shortlist of three plants, the judges made the final decision and chose the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) as the eFIG Office Plant of the Year.

    “The Peace Lily fits all the criteria,” commented Lisa and Jim Wilkinson of Pro Landscaper Magazine and two of the judging panel. “Not only is it a beautiful looking plant giving a sense of calm but it also cleans the air.  And it requires little maintenance.”  It sounds like a landscaper’s dream.

    Garden Designer Claudia de Yong was unable to attend the judging but sent in a telephone vote and explained that the Peace Lily got her vote because it had ‘great flow’.  These opinions were seconded by the eFIG chairman, Ian Drummond, who hosted the judging at Indoor Garden Design and was on hand for advice.

    “The Peace Lily looks fresh and crisp and always adds these qualities to any display,” he added “And of course it is well-known as one of the best air-cleaners.”

    The two runners-up were the Crassula or Jade Plant which took second place and the Guzmania ‘Torch’ coming in third.

    The judging panel included Matthew Appleby of Horticulture Week and Jez Abbot, freelance journalist as well as Lisa and Jim Wilkinson and Claudia de Yong.

    “This is a great plant to kick off National Plants at Work Week next week,” commented Ian.  “The whole week will feature a number of initiatives to raise awareness of our need for plants in the workplace.”


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