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EGM called over Landscape Institute presidency dispute

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) appears to have been called by more than 100 members of the Landscape Institute to address the ongoing dispute over the removal of the president-elect last year.

Brodie McAllister was elected to be the next president in 2021 and was due to take over the position from July 2022 until multiple allegations led to his removal as a trustee and as president-elect.

Over the last year, McAllister has been fighting the allegations and demanding an EGM be held. It will now seemingly take place on Tuesday 27 June in London and via Zoom after 145 members are said to have signed a requisition calling for an EGM to discuss the need for an independent review to take place.

McAllister says the three requirements in the LI’s bylaws have been met in order to proceed with the EGM after initially being refused by the organisation. These are, he says: “Evidence of support of the motion by each of the required number of corporate requisitioners; and has a clear and evidently needed purpose to address serious unanswered concerns over the case, via a motion seeking an advisory (not directorial) independent review.”

The motion will be introduced on the day by past presidents Hal Moggridge and Merrick Denton-Thompson, as well as McAllister. This asks that “steps are taken towards establishing the truth and proper reconciliation with regard to matters of governance leading to the removal of the president-elect…” It asks that an independent reviewer be appointed within 30 days of the EGM.

Along with aiming to “restore the reputation” of McAllister, he says the EGM also seeks to “ensure best practice, governance, and democracy, harmonising all aspects in the administration and the conduct of the Landscape Institute’s affairs as set out in its Constitution, serving its members and society with due diligence and to best effect.”

Merrick Denton-Thompson says: “The LI Board of Trustees are desperate to avoid an independent review of their behaviour and have given spurious legal and technical reasons for refusing an EGM but this is not accepted by those who support the request. We encourage all members to come along, listen to our views and exercise your democratic right by voting.”

The EGM is due to take place at 6pm on Tuesday 27 June at 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EL. To attend in person or via Zoom, contact to register.

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