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English Heritage appoints new head gardener at Witley Court and Gardens

by | 21 Mar 24 | Commercial Landscaping, News

Mark Pardey has stepped into the role of head gardener at Witley Court and Gardens in Worcestershire after joining the charity at the start of this year.

With prior experience as a head gardener at Folly Farm in Berkshire as well as at Burgess Park in London and a private estate in West Sussex.

It was Pardey’s personal connection to the space, having been a regular visitor to the property for over two decades, that drove him to take on the role.

With photographic and archaeological evidence revealing the gardens to be much more extensive than is visible today, Pardey hopes to uncover more of its historic features throughout his time in the role.

Pardey comments on this, saying: “The gardens are a very special place already, but what particularly excited me about the opportunity to work here is its enormous amount of future potential.”

In the more imminent future, the new head garden will be working with the Environment Agency to monitor water quality and biodiversity in the lake at Witley.

For more information on Witley Court and Gardens, visit

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