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    Enhanced design for new generation line markers from Supaturf

    Enhanced design for new generation line markers from Supaturf

    Supaturf has announced the launch of its new TXE 606 and 353 line marking machines featuring a range of design enhancements which improve the performance and functionality of the machines and make maintenance and cleaning easier than ever.

    For many years the robust and lightweight TXE has been one of world’s favourite line markers and has proved very popular with groundsmen and contractors who have multiple pitches and sites to look after.

    “We’ve listened to feedback from TXE customers across the world and as a result have incorporated a range of design improvements into the new generation of machines which make them even easier to operate and maintain,” said Mike King, Sales Manager for Supaturf and Vitax Amenity in the UK.

    One of the biggest changes is the re-design of the chassis.  “The new chassis is created from a double layer of steel tube for extra strength and the new arrangement has enabled us to do away with a front axle,” he explained. “This means the spray nozzle and marking discs are perfectly aligned to the wheel axis, providing greater control and cleaner lines.  It also makes marking corners and curves easier than ever.”

    The opening to the tank and tank filter have been doubled in size to make filling the tank easier and cleaner, with less chance of the drips or wasteful overspills and the equipment compartment which holds the pump, filter and electrical wiring has been completely re-designed to include all pump elements and to provide easy access to all components to make routine maintenance and servicing easier.

    The new machines are also equipped with an in-line eyelet to ensure simple and accurate marking of centre circles and the main tank has been remoulded to incorporate an anti-flip feature to improve control of the tank when emptying or cleaning.

    The new TXE machines are available in two standard configurations.  The TXE 606 is equipped with an 18 amp/h battery that provides up to five hours use on a single charge (enough for about 15 pitches) and the TXE 353 with a 7.2 amp/h battery with up to two hours use on a single charge (enough for up to 3 pitches).  Both machines have a 25 litre tank – enough to mark out over three pitches.

    Both machines are also available in ‘Pro’ versions, and come complete with a factory fitted wash tank and a ‘back to tank’ system.  The flush tank is operated by a simple lever which switches between clean water and paint and enables filter, pump, spray lines and spray head to be flushed clean without having to empty the main tank when moving from one site to the next.

    The ‘back to tank’ system allows the pressure at the spray nozzle to be adjusted to suit the marking conditions and has the extra benefit of agitating the marking liquid in the main tank when the machine is in use.

    A ‘Pro Kit’, including both the flush tank and the ‘back to tank’ system’ is available separately and can be retrofitted to standard machines.

    The full range of existing TXE accessories including marking discs, athletics attachment and spray boom can be fitted to the new TXEs.

    “The new machines retain all the virtues that made the TXE one of the most popular line markers in the world but, thanks to the design enhancements, provide even better performance and handling,” added Mike King.



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