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Enter the Inter-Institutional Flooding Group video competition

Flood grouplandscape instituteThe How to Prevent Flooding ideas competition invites entrants to send their best initiatives on how to prevent flooding and communicate their ideas through the medium of film.

Entrants are asked to consider how solutions can be found to avoid or address flooding, by incorporating approaches to resilience into proposals. Entrants can choose either a general idea or respond to any location in the UK or overseas.

For this exercise, entrants should not necessarily be constrained by restrictions including current planning law and land ownership issues. The design ideas should innovate, inspire and challenge, but entrants are encouraged to consider the practicalities of realising their scheme.

NB Entrants do not need special equipment to enter this competition. Videos can be made on iPhones and GoPros etc.

Eight films will be shortlisted and the top four videos will be awarded the following prizes:

First Prize: £2,000

Second Prize: £1,000
Runners up x 2: £500

Deadline: 6th February

Find out more and enter the competition


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