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Envirobuild builder’s merchant donates to Rainforest Foundation

by | 20 Jan 21 | News, Sustainability


Envirobuild is celebrating five years of supporting the Rainforest Trust. EnviroBuild is making its annual donation to the non-profit organisation, not only to fund crucial projects but also to offset the carbon footprint of its own production processes since the company was founded in 2015.

The London-based supplier has been donating 10% of its profits to the trust for the past five years. To date, it has helped to protect almost 63 million trees and has supported multiple Rainforest Trust projects.

With more than 60 years’ experience in the construction industry, EnviroBuild aims to provide top-quality products, without the negative environmental impact of traditional materials. Its latest donation will help fund green initiatives across Africa, South America, Central America and Asia, protecting more than 65,000 acres of habitat.

James Brueton, co-founder of EnviroBuild and trustee at Rainforest Trust, said: “EnviroBuild have supported Rainforest Trust UK since launching five years ago. We think it’s one of the highest positive impacts per pound of donation causes.

“Each protected area helps to protect biodiversity and engages local communities, whilst also helping to combat climate change by protecting primary forests from being destroyed through the many threats that face them today.

“As a business that supplies products that will always carry some form of carbon footprint, it is vital for us to find ways to offset these. From the beginning, we have aimed for EnviroBuild to be carbon negative through the reduction of embedded carbon in our products and through charitable donations.”

He added they were happy to support such a wide range of projects in 2020, across a diverse range of habitats and locations. The donations will protect habitats including dense jungle, coastal waters and mountainous tundra.

Everyone working at EnviroBuild cast one vote to their preferred project to decide where the donations should go. The funds were divided up based on the votes.

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