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Evergreenwales goes from tradestand to show garden at RHS Cardiff 2018

Landscape design and construction company Evergreenwales will be creating a show garden at this year’s RHS Flower Show Cardiff, taking place from 13-15 April.

Usually present at the show as a tradestand, father and son duo Richard and Adam Davis, directors of Evergreenwales, have designed ‘Cwm Caerdydd’, a garden inspired by the mountainous and verdant countryside in South Wales.

As one of the tallest show gardens to ever feature at the show, the 360-view garden is designed to appear as though it could have just erupted from the ground overnight. Encapsulating everything the designers love about the Welsh countryside, it echoes the natural terrain and feel of the valleys with a crafted edge, with all materials being sourced from Wales.

Adam commented: “We are based in Cardiff and Newport and have been working throughout south Wales for over 35 years. We wanted to exhibit at the RHS Flower Show Cardiff this year, to engage with our local community and build new working relationships whilst having some fun with our design.

“For this year’s show we are the designers, the sponsors and the contractors.  We chose this route as we wanted total freedom and control over the project to enable us to design and build to our brief alone. Our vision and inspiration was drawn from our surrounding natural landscape here in Wales. We wanted to design a space that will emulate the open spaces that are abundant in the welsh valleys, with a view to evoking feelings of freedom, adventure and wellbeing.

“To explain the name, Cwm means a valley or area of land that was formed, often rounded by the movement of a glacier, and Caerdydd simply means Cardiff. We chose this as we thought we would acknowledge the way our landscape was created, seeing as we are using it as an inspiration source.

“With elements included in the garden such as the “Cwm” seating area, cave hideaway, woodland area, waterfall section and a very natural, wild planting scheme  we are aiming to achieve the illusion that this garden has erupted from the ground overnight and just happens to have appeared in the centre of the Cardiff show. Furthermore, to add an element of fun to the garden, we are planning to be the first show garden designers to create a rainbow affect that will appear periodically over the plot throughout the show.

“We hope show visitors will be able to take home some ideas and replicate them for themselves but above all we hope they will look at the garden and smile.”

To find out more about Evergreen Wales, visit the website.


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