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Exeter council using new kit to help city become carbon neutral

Parks staff in Exeter are moving away from traditional petrol-driven equipment and helping to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

It is investing in battery powered equipment such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. The plan is to introduce battery powered strimmers, chainsaws, mowers and pruning shears in the future.
The council is looking to be a carbon neutral city by 2030. Using battery powered equipment will help towards this and it is also cheaper to run, quieter and causes less vibration for the operator.
The public & green space team in Exeter currently have two battery powered hedge cutters and three battery powered blowers. The quieter hedge trimmers are ideal for when cutting early in the morning.
Louise Harvey, service manager, public & green space, said:
“Not only are these great bits of kit but they are also helping us to achieve our carbon neutral goals across the city.
“There is also a massive reduction in hand/arm vibration, which is great for our staff and they are 64 times less noisey than petrol driven equipment, which is good news for everyone.”  
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