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fabrik becomes employee-owned trust as Rath confirms sale

fabrik Limited is now a 100% employee-owned trust. Founding director Johnny Rath confirmed the sale this week after 20 years at the helm.

In a LinkedIn post, Rath stated, “fabrik is changing and evolving. Key to me from day one of setting up fabrik was the emphasis we placed on the people within the business. At the top of our core values is, and always has been, the principle that first and foremost, we respect and value the people who work for us. Those people are now the owners of fabrik.”

He added that as part of the sale, an ‘enduring values’ document has been drawn up to ensure “we capture everybody’s voice in what we want the business to represent going forward”. fabrik will also create a company charter, designed to enable all employees to help decide how the business should be governed.

“The charter will be a call to action, to bring our best and most courageous selves to work,” Rath said. “It will set out our commitment to what we hold dear and what is special about how we work. It will describe our collaborative culture; the principles that guide us including our purpose and how we engage with our clients and the wider world.”

Rath, who will stay on as founding director and company secretary, will support a newly-created operating board, made up of existing employees, “to give us a solid and dynamic forward-looking management team”.

The new owners have also elected a Board of Trustees. While the full board has yet to be announced, Charlotte Mimms, principal associate landscape planner at fabrik, confirmed her appointment via LinkedIn.

Rath concluded, “fabrik has been hugely fortunate in 20 years of trading to have worked with many incredibly talented people. The success of fabrik is based entirely on the skills, commitment, and loyalty of those people.

“I would personally like to thank all our colleagues past and present, clients, fellow consultants and the businesses that support us in our day-to-day work and have been instrumental in our 20-year journey to date. I am humbled and grateful for your support, your advice and your friendship.”

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