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    Farrer Huxley wins Coram’s Fields competition

    Farrer Huxley has won the Coram’s Fields masterplan work as lead consultant, together with Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects.

    Concept Masterplan for Coram’s Fields, ‘to be explored further ‘. Image: Farrer Huxley

    The vision for the redevelopment of Coram’s Fields, London’s first public play space, is ‘to create a high-quality, inclusive and socially safe green space that builds on its existing landscape heritage in a way that is appropriate for the 21st century’, says a spokesperson for the practice.

    The site is owned by a charitable trust that was set up in 1936 and, in addition to hard and soft play spaces, includes a number of Grade II listed buildings.

    Farrer Huxley is, it says, ‘part of a highly creative team with immense experience in developing inspiring and playful landscape, architectural designs and cost consultancy’.

    Its approach to the scheme ‘is centered around illustrating how we have and will further develop an understanding of the wonderful stories and history behind Coram’s Fields and embed this in any future designs and experiences in the space’.

    NB Farrer Huxley is keen to emphasise that the images it has provided to illustrate this article are ‘only indicative’ of its ideas and approach when it set out to win the Coram’s Fields bid: ‘they do not represent the plans that will be built at Coram’s Fields’.

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