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    SmartFire fireplace features transforming the landscape

    SmartFire UK, the UK’s sole distributor of EcoSmart Fire products, has noticed a spike in interest from garden designers looking for a unique feature to include in their design.

    The outdoor fireplaces use bio-ethanol fuel, a renewable and clean burning liquid that produces heat without the smoke, soot, ash or embers of a traditional fire and results in a clean emission. They do not need a power connection so can be moved to different locations, making it perfect for landscapers who need flexibility for their design.

    Part of the fireplaces strong appeal has been attributed to their versatility and multi-functionality. They can work all year round; even in winter they can easily be brought into conservatories to provide a cost-effective heating solution during the cooler months.

    The fires can transform a garden area, courtyard, terrace, patio, pool area or deck to create an inviting focal point for guests. Unlike traditional outdoor fires, they do not require daily cleaning and are made from weather resistant materials, meaning they will last for years.

    The stylish designs in the range include Flare, MIX Fire Bowls, Lighthouse, Lantern, Cyl, Stix and Mini T. Each design brings something different to the table. The Lantern offers an artistic dramatic design, with an abstract cut out pattern, lending itself well to a more exotic garden. The MIX firebowls has a more traditional design with a contemporary twist with the pebble inlay.

    Paul Holt, business manager at Smart Fire UK said: “Utilising outdoor space is a great way to make the most of your garden and creating the right mood and ambience through lighting and heating is important. We’re delighted that landscapers have been turning to us to provide solutions for creative and innovative garden design projects.

    “One of the best things about these designs is that they offer an alternative for landscapers. They are not only a different choice to water features, but a variation on the other heaters on the market. When people think about exterior heating, they imagine ‘mushroom’ gas patio heaters. This is no longer the case, these sleek designs offer effective heating solutions without compromising on style and quality.

    “On top of that they are extremely environmentally friendly, when bio-ethanol burns, it produces no smoke and none of the dangerous gasses that come with burning wood, gas or coal.”

    The outdoor range starts at £750 including VAT, with Stix priced from £1150 including VAT. For more information visit the Smart Fire UK website: http://www.smartfireuk.com

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