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Five a day benefits to houseplants at work

by | 08 Jul 24 | News | 0 comments

plants@work association's new benefits to houseplants stall.

plants@work kick off National plants@work Week with a new pop-up stall highlighting the five benefits houseplants bring to the working environment.

The association’s market stall, located at Theale Business Park, features all five plants in the running for 2024’s Favourite Houseplant.

On top of providing clean air, research shows that incorporating houseplants into the working environment can have a positive impact on people’s moods.

As well as the ability to reduce headaches by 45%, tiredness by over 30% and stress levels by 50%.

The stalls designer and plants@work diversity and inclusion secretary, Ian Drummond of Ian Drummond Botanical Designs comments on the five plants in the running for the top spot.

“Ficus elastica, Strelitzia, Dracaena marginata, Croton and Scindapsus are our choice for 5 a Day – to ‘Embrace Vitamin Plant for a Balanced Life’. These plants offer a great selection for the various office, restaurant and hotel spaces that our members are asked to decorate.”

National plants@work Week runs from 8 – 12 July, celebrating the benefits of houseplants, with the top voted houseplant to be announced later this week.

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