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Five Alternative Uses for Composite Decking and Cladding in Outdoor Landscape Design

by | 02 May 24 | Partner Content

As landscape and garden designers, we constantly seek fresh perspectives and innovative ways to enhance outdoor spaces, creating havens of beauty and functionality. In our quest for innovation, we’ve discovered the transformative potential of composite decking and cladding. What was once merely functional has evolved into a dynamic element of outdoor design, offering versatility and beauty in equal measure.

Take, for instance, Millboard’s resin mineral composite decking and cladding, meticulously hand-moulded from natural oak timbers. This material isn’t just about durability; it’s a canvas for creativity, allowing designers to reimagine outdoor spaces with unprecedented sophistication and style.

These materials aren’t just about function; they’re about transforming landscapes into beautiful, practical spaces with minimal fuss and maximum impact.


1. Outdoor Seating and Furniture:

Decking and cladding materials, such as Millboard, provide an ideal foundation for creating inviting outdoor seating areas and furniture pieces. The inherent resilience of these materials ensures longevity, while their natural appearance seamlessly integrates with surrounding greenery. From sleek benches to expansive loungers, designers can sculpt bespoke seating arrangements that blend seamlessly with the landscape, inviting relaxation and socialisation amidst the tranquillity of nature and the outdoors.


Decking, Planters and Seating in Millboard Enhanced Grain in Smoked Oak


2. Architectural Accents and Features:

Enhance garden design by incorporating decking and cladding elements as architectural accents and features. Whether used to clad striking focal points like pergolas and arbours or to define spatial boundaries with eye-catching partitions and screens, these materials lend structural integrity and visual interest to outdoor environments.


Curved Deck: Millboard Enhanced Grain in Burnt Cedar. Feature Wall: Envello Shadow Line+ Cladding in Limed Oak with Envello Décor Curve, 32mm Carbon


3. Bespoke Planters and Green Walls:

Transform ordinary planters into captivating focal points by encasing them in decking or cladding materials. By seamlessly integrating planters into decks or cladding walls mixed with lush foliage, designers can infuse landscapes with dynamic texture and colour. Moreover, the durability of these materials ensures resilience against the elements, providing a stable foundation for nurturing thriving greenery year-round.


Cladding & Planters: Millboard Weathered Oak in Embered


4. Captivating Water Features:

Create a sense of calm and peacefulness within outdoor spaces by incorporating decking and cladding into the design of water features. Whether creating bespoke ponds, cascading waterfalls, or sparkling streams, these materials offer unparalleled versatility and durability. Millboard’s decking and cladding, in particular, boast high-performance attributes that withstand moisture and weathering, ensuring the longevity of water-centric installations. Coupled with strategic lighting and landscaping, these features can evoke a sense of Zen-like calm that enhances the overall ambiance of the garden.


Water Feature: Millboard Weathered Oak in Embered


5. Interactive Play Spaces:

Encourage creativity and exploration through interactive play spaces made from composite decking and cladding materials. From charming bridges traversing gentle streams to imaginative playhouses nestled amongst lush foliage, these materials offer a sturdy base for creating enchanting environments that ignite the imagination. Millboard’s decking and cladding, celebrated for their aesthetic appeal and durability, provide peace of mind to designers seeking to create engaging outdoor spaces that withstand the rigours of play and exploration, in addition to weathering.


Playground Feature: Millboard Enhanced Grain in Smoked Oak


The use of resin mineral composite decking and cladding, like Millboard, in outdoor design presents exciting opportunities for designers. By considering alternative applications of these materials, designers can enhance their designs and create outdoor spaces that inspire, delight, and endure for years to come.

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