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How to fix a dry lawn

The persistent drought of the past few months is burdening many with a dry lawn. This is a result of drought and high temperatures in recent months, causing a lot of grass plants to die off.
As soon as rain increases, the stronger plants that have withstood the drought will soon recover, revealing the real damage to the lawn.

How to tackle Lawn damage?     

There are many options to offer a quick solution with a well thought out renovation plan, these include: 
  1. Clean the lawn: The brown dead grass will not grow back, but it also will not disappear from the lawn. The withered grass will remain dormant in the turf and form a suffocating layer in the grass. For a rapid lawn recovery, this dead grass must be removed
  2. Sow through the lawn: High grass mortality means the lawn is very thin, and the less resistant grass species have disappeared. To quickly replenish the open space between the grass plants before weeds and other parasites immigrate into the lawn, you will have to sow new seed. The ELIET DZC600 overseeding machine sows new seed with an interline of 2.5 cm, 35 gr/m² between the existing grass.  This gives young grass plants density. With the right seed, the new grass will appear within 14 days after sowing, provided the right weather conditions are in place.
  3. Strengthen the lawn: To get a rejuvenated lawn, you need to ensure it can develop a firm root set. This is essential so that the lawn is more prepared for future stress and damage. To further stimulate root growth, apply additional fertilizer after sowing. The latest generation ELIET DZC600 sowing machine comes with a fertilizer spreader. A slow-acting fertiliser can spread during the sowing process.
Eliet offer a range of turf maintenance products including scarifiers, seeders and lawnedgers. For further information please contact PSD Groundscare.
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