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Florist to create spectacular poinsettia dress in celebration of International Poinsettia Day

Acclaimed floral stylists, Okishima & Simmonds of London, are to create a sensational dress made entirely of poinsettia ahead of International Poinsettia Day on Saturday 12 December 2015, among row upon row of the plants at Hill Brothers Nursery in Chichester. This unique project, commissioned by Stars for Europe, the EU-funded Poinsettia campaign, hopes to reveal the versatility of this classic symbol of Christmas in a fresh and spectacular way.

The Design 

Okishima & Simmonds have found their design inspiration in the specialist poinsettia nurseries, where row upon row of poinsettia are primped and preened to perfection by expert nurserymen. They plan to create a dress, which appears to flow upwards from the lake of poinsettia beneath. The skirt of flaming red poinsettia will graduate up to a bodice of poinsettia in more subtle hues.

The dress will be styled and photographed among the plants at Hills Brothers nursery in Chichester.

Jessica Simmonds of Okishima & Simmonds said: “The idea of creating a dress out of poinsettia – such a classic flower – is really exciting to us. We love to create unique designs that merge the floral world with the fashion world and International Poinsettia Day gives us the perfect opportunity to do that. We hope that, by bringing a new lease of life to an old classic and encouraging people to view it in a different light, the Poinsettia will remain a firm favourite for this festive season and many more to come.”

Poinsettia as Cut Flowers

Most commonly known as a pot plant, poinsettias also make exceptional cut flowers with a vase life in water of up to two weeks. The simple trick is to cut the bract to the desired length, dip it into a cup of hot water (60C) for 20 seconds and then into a cup of cold water for 10 seconds.

About Okishima & Simmonds

London-based Okishima & Simmonds are past masters of the art of creating spectacular floral imagery. Photographs of the floral headdress they created for the Hillier ‘Crossing Continents’ exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 were relayed around the world. Jessica Simmonds and Chikae Okishima met whilst studying Fine Arts in Leeds and today create flowers for events, fashion shows and photoshoots.

About Hills Brothers Nursery

Hills was founded in 1920 and, now based in Chichester, covers over 8 acres of ornamental pot plant production. Hills currently produce approximately 3 million plants a year  – including half a million poinsettias – for the UK consumer and also directly supply UK supermarkets.

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