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Former F1 driver ‘racing for biodiversity’ in Suzuka Circuit project

by | 21 Sep 23 | Featured Slider, Nature & Biodiversity, News, Topics

Formula 1 driver wearing a 'save the bees' t-shirt.

Former F1 driver, Sebastian Vettel has launched his latest biodiversity campaign at Suzuka Circuit, Japan, ahead of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.

The project, named Buzzin’ Corner, is situated inside Turn 2 at Suzuka Circuit. It includes 11 ‘insect hotels’, built with the help of Vettel and a local carpenter.

Buzzin' Corner painted on a racetrack with black and yellow kerbing.

Image Credit Sebastian Vettel

The Turns kerbing has been freshly painted black and yellow, to resemble the archetypal colours of the bee. “It’s the perfect ambassador for us around this project,” says Vettel. “The idea is to highlight the importance of biodiversity because it stands not just for the bee but for all the other insects.”

Vettel plans to launch similar projects across more circuits around the world in the future.

“Hopefully this is just the beginning of an initiative and projects around the world leading to more yellow and black kerbs at race tracks and more habitat and space for insects.

“Standing up for biodiversity, which is not just insects, it is all types of animal, but it is more than that, all types of plants, organisms, bacteria, it is even more than that, we have to celebrate variety not just in human beings but nature, and we have to protect it.”

Suzuka is not the first circuit to host one of Vettel’s biodiversity projects. Last year, more than 200 trees were planted at the perimeter of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas to create a small woodland named Vettel Grove.

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