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Four things to consider before starting your landscaping business

Landscaping is a lucrative business to enter, especially at a time of year when more UK households are beginning to think about their outdoor spaces. But starting up any new business, let alone a landscaping one, can be a costly endeavour. In terms of landscaping, the costs of starting up are estimated to be between £5,000 and £10,000. What are the key things that this start-up money would go towards, and what should you be considering before you set up your operation?


Your first concern should be the tools with which you intend to build your business. Being a landscaper, you will require a wide range of manual and powered tools to complete a wide range of tasks and projects, including some specialised pieces of equipment. For example, as a landscaper with a specialism in tree surgery, you may need to invest in harnesses for scaling trees.

When picking out your tools, you should try to opt for quality first; cheaper tools may be more immediately appealing on a financial basis, but can be more prone to breakage – causing further expenditure, and even potential injuries. As such, invest in quality equipment as a long-term investment in your business.

Safety Equipment

Just as important as the tools of your trade are the safety equipment and workwear for yourself and your employees. As a business, you are legally required to provide personal protective equipment to your staff in relation to their work. Safety gloves are crucial for handling sharp tools and rough materials such as branches and thorns; eyewear should be provided to protect from debris and flying objects when cutting or mowing.

Providing workwear also provides you with an opportunity to create a cohesive uniform for your staff, whether boilersuits or other forms of identical clothing. Work clothes not only protect from cuts and scrapes, but also provide practical utility with pockets and loops for holding tools.


With the physical aspects of your business accounted for, you should now turn your attention to more administrative concerns. One of the chief concerns in this regard is insurance, which constitutes a necessary expense even if it isn’t a legally mandated one.

There are different types of insurance you can take out, which can help you weather unexpected costs and events, as well as protect you in the event of an accident. Employer’s liability insurance is one form of insurance that is compulsory for businesses to purchase, being a form of protection for you from any personal injury claims levied against you by an employee

Marketing and Growth

Lastly, in order to ensure the longevity of your business, you will need to directly address the ways in which you intend to grow your customer base – marketing being a key vehicle for this. By figuring out your marketing methods in advance, you can gain an understanding of your target market and potential demand, and budget accordingly.

For landscaping, word-of-mouth marketing is the most valuable kind of marketing. At the outset, you should strive to offer peerless customer service to a small local catchment area, before expanding your operations and advertising online.

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