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Frosts Landscape Construction ages 15 years overnight

Over the years, altering our age to get into the pub, denying turning 30, and loosing track of time is something we’ve all experienced – but Frosts Landscapes recently discovered it was 15 years older than originally thought.

For decades, Frosts Landscape Construction services has been carrying out large commercial and private estate projects.

Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd was incorporated as a legal entity around 47 years ago. Since then, the company has been using the slogan “Creating inspirational landscapes since 1974.”

However, it was up until very recently that managing director, Ken White, discovered he had been shouting the wrong date.

A 75p Frosts Gardening Handbook was unearthed, revealing that Frosts Landscape is actually a whole 15 years older than originally thought.

Quoting from the book: “From small beginnings in 1959, Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd, in less than twenty years, is now recognised throughout the south-east of England as one of the most reliable companies involved in landscape and planting.”

Managing director, Ken White said: “The old book has been a great find and makes for some interesting reading; however, it does mean we missed our 60th birthday and that we are 62 years old. Although slightly embarrassing, we will have to update the website and change the date on our vehicles to reflect our true age.”

On the topic of age, Frosts Garden Centre is celebrating its 75th birthday this year, after starting as a nursery growing chrysanthemums and dahlias in 1946.

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