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Garden designers talk money at FutureScape 2015

One of the most popular seminars had a completely new panel this year. In The Detail is in the Design, garden designers Matthew Childs, Ruth Willmott, Jilayne Rickards and Paul Harris shared their expert knowledge and success in the industry. Eljays44’s Jim Wilkinson and the audience picked their brains in the hour-long session.

Jim kicked off the debate where the panellists revealed how they would design a garden if they were given a budget of £50,000. Experimenting with new materials was favoured by Paul and Matt but Jilayne and Ruth opted for more traditional and simple designs. When discussing how they source work, each designer emphasised the importance of networking and talking to people.

Part of the debate focused on when the designers find out the budget for a project. All four designers reiterated that the budget is one of the first things discussed so they can determine whether the project is realistic or not. Jilayne affirmed that she will not take on a project unless she know what the budget is.

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