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Garden envy has inspired outdoor makeovers this lockdown

by | 23 May 20 | Sustainability


Facebook and Opinion Matters have teamed up to find out what Brits are doing outdoors in their gardens during lockdown, following Facebook seeing a spike of 1 million more people joining UK gardening groups since 1st March.

Latest findings from Opinion Matters show that around a third of Brits have been inspired to makeover their gardens due to growing garden envy from seeing friends, family, and even celebrities showing off their outdoor spaces.

Almost half (45%) of those with outdoor space said that lockdown had inspired simple touches to spruce up their gardens, no matter the size of space, such as updating their potted plant collection – whilst one in five (22%) of those lacking outside space have found the addition of indoor plants has boosted their mood and productivity.

This boom in interest has seen enthusiastic plant-lovers chomping at the bit to visit garden centres across the country, with a third of people (34%) planning to visit now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted. This keenness to get green-thumbed is also having an impact on our wallets, with almost 3 in 10 people (27%) already admitting to spending more money than they thought they would on their garden since lockdown.

As the nation looks to optimise their spaces, there has also been a surge in people turning to Facebook groups for inspiration and top tips.

More than 3 million Brits are now part of a total of approx. 6,500 UK gardening groups on Facebook. Approximately 1 million of these enthusiasts joined a gardening group after 1 March 2020 – a time when lockdown was imminent.

Having a beautiful green space has risen up people’s quarantine agendas as more of their time is spent outdoors. Two thirds (60%) of Brits said they are spending more time on average in their gardens or outdoor spaces than they normally would at this time of year, with 45% of people spending 2-3 hours more in their gardens every day since lockdown began.

Whilst sunbathing and exercising are of course still firm favourites when outdoors, Brits have also been enjoying keeping their gardens tidy (36%), nature watching, (24%) listening to birdsong (29%) and sprucing up their flower beds (20%).

Other great British pastimes have seen a resurgence, with people going online to learn old-school skills like fruit and vegetable growing, and home DIY tasks like making outdoor ornaments or fashioning planters and furniture from reclaimed wood.

This new found love for the outdoors isn’t going away any time soon. The research also found that a third (32%) of people said they would be taking a closer interest in gardening and the outdoors once lockdown has lifted.

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