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Best Show Garden at Gardening Scotland – The Garden Retreat: A place for living

Lynn Hill Garden Design wins Best Show Garden with help from CED Stone Group at Gardening Scotland 2018

‘Sink into a world of calm amongst the lush green of the planting as the wind makes its music through the leaves of the trees above.’ This is the world of The Garden Retreat: A place for living. The show garden that was especially created for this years’ Gardening Scotland event, designed by Lynn Hill Garden Design and created by CED Stone Group.

‘This is a garden where inside and outside meet, it’s an extension of your home… a place for living.’

Lynn Hill takes us through her inspiration for the design. “Let’s face it, for those of us blessed to live in Scotland, we know all too well how it likes to rain. This is where including a garden room comes into its own, all the benefits of an outdoor space with the comfort and security of protective walls and a roof. And how beautifully these are decorated, featuring the botanical artwork of Eleanor Christopher which brings their own distinctive quality to the space.”

“We are hearing more and more about how gardens are good for us and science is discovering that even just the simple act of being in a garden increases well being, allowing us to become calmer, healthier and happier.

“This garden is a real visual treat, an oasis of green. The soft hues of the silver grey granite underfoot stands’ out like a gem against the tactile majesty of the Caithness stone: A real Scottish native. Modern products such as the slate Tier cladding compliment the style and show us how a feature of real stone can be included in a simple, easy to create way to wonderful effect.”

Situated at the show entrance, The Garden Retreat: A place for living extended its welcome as visitors arrived at Gardening Scotland, revealing its’ design for calm and tranquillity.

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