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Gardens revealed for Chelsea 2024

by | 31 Oct 23 | Garden Design, News

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has revealed a number of gardens set to exhibit at Chelsea 2024 at its Gardens for the Future Forum, which took place yesterday.

The gardens revealed so far aim to raise awareness for a range of causes, from mental and physical well-being, to sustainable resource management and nature engagement. With a number of gardens supported by long time RHS Chelsea partner, Project Giving Back.

The list of Show Garden exhibitors revealed so far is as follows:


Muscular Dystrophy UK – Forest Bathing Garden


Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting Muscular Dystrophy UK
Designer: Ula Maria
Contractor: Crocus


Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, the garden looks to create an accessible and immersive space, offering refuge to those affected by the condition.

The garden will be relocated to the Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine in Oxford.


The National Garden Scheme Garden


Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting The National Garden Scheme
Designer: Tom Stuart-Smith
Contractor: Crocus


With an ‘edge of woodland’ theme and appearance, the garden celebrates the National Garden Sceheme’s nearly 100 years of opening private gardens to the public and raising funds for nursing and health charities.

The garden will be relocated to a new Maggie’s Centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

WaterAid Garden


Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting WaterAid
Designer: Tom Massey & Je Ahn
Contractor: Landscape Associates


The garden will be designed to harness the power of rainwater and highlight the importance of sustainable water management amidst the climate crisis, whilst exploring what a UK garden might look like in half a century.

Plans for relocation are still being finalised.


The National Autistic Society Garden


Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting The National Autistic Society
Designer: Sophie Parmenter and Dido Milne
Contractor: Landform Consultants


Designed to capture the everyday life of someone with autism, with a multi-layered planting scheme and strong ecological ethos throughout. 

The garden will go to a National Autistic Society supported living site at Catrine Bank – alongside the river Ayr in Scotland.

Terrence Higgins Trust Bridge to 2030 Garden


Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting The Terrence Higgins Trust
Designer: Matthew Childs
Contractor: Yoreland Design Ltd


Capturing the 2030 vision of no new HIV cases, the garden is set to feature granite boulders inspired by those in North Wales, to create a visual representation of the mental and physical effects of the disease. 

Plans for relocation are still being finalised.


The Octavia Hill Garden by Blue Diamond with The National Trust


Sponsor: Blue Diamond with the National Trust
Designer: Ann-Marie Powell
Contractor: The Landscaping Consultants


Inspired by Octavia Hill’s, a founder of the National Trust’s work to improve urban housing and green-space protection, the garden is conceptually located on an urban brownfield site and aims to raise urban biodiversity.

The garden will be relocated to Bridgemere Show Gardens in Cheshire, an RHS Partner Garden.

St James’s Piccadilly: Imagine the World to be Different


Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting St James’s Piccadilly
Designer: Robert Myers
Contractor: Stewart Landscape Construction


Celebrating the restorative power of green spaces in urban environments, the garden realises an alternative reality where St James’s Church was only partially restored after the London bombings, and has now been reclaimed by nature.

The garden design will be the basis of the restored garden in Piccadilly.

Stroke Association’s Garden for Recovery

Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting Stroke Association
Designer: Miria Harris
Contractor: Landform Consultants


Inspired by designer Miria Harris’s own experience, the garden aims to create a sensory space for stroke recovery by using naturalistic elements and biodiverse habitats.

The garden will relocate to the Stroke Unit at Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds.

The list of Sanctuary Garden exhibitors revealed so far is as follows:

The Freedom from Torture Garden: A Sanctuary for Survivors

Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting Freedom From Torture
Designer: John Warland and Emma O’Connell
Contractor: Living Landscapes


An encompassing naturalist garden to create a communal space for horticultural therapy, helping support survivors of torture.

After the show, the garden will be relocated to the Freedom From Torture HQ in Finsbury Park, London.


Flood Re: The Flood Resilient Garden

Sponsor: Flood Re
Designer: Naomi Slade and Ed Barsley


Centreing around increasing heavy rainfall recovery efficiency, the garden will feature water capture technology and a dense planting scheme.

The garden will be rebuilt at HR Wallingford in Oxfordshire after the show.


World Child Cancer’s Nurturing Garden

Sponsor: Project Giving Back supporting World Child Cancer
Designer: Giulio Giorgi
Contractor: Landesigns Landscaping Services


Designed to create a ‘sensory haven’, providing a space to escape through nature for children undergoing cancer treatment, with a planting scheme symbolic of the charity’s global reach.

The garden’s permanent home will be in a ‘Home from Home’ of UK charity Young Lives vs Cancer.


The Wonderstruck Garden

Sponsor: Wonderstruck
Designer: Holly Johnston
Contractor: Stewart Landscape Construction


Inspired by the effects of time and the ecology of British woodlands, the garden’s planting and symbolism highlights the interconnection of all life.

Relocation plans are yet to be announced.



Sponsor: G.lion
Designer: Kazuyuki Ishihara


Influenced by the things that make designer Ishihara happy, the garden’s planting takes inspiration from the landscape in Japan to create a vibrant and environmentally considerate space.

Relocation plans are yet to be announced.


Burma Skincare Initiative Spirit of Partnership Garden


Sponsor: Burma Skincare Initiative with the support of: Sanofi, British Dermatological Nursing Group and The No7 Beauty Company
Designer: Helen Olney
Contractor: Conquest Creative Spaces


Telling the story of a global dermatological partnership, the garden will feature different planting zones to represent the diversity of Myanmar.

Relocation plans are yet to be announced.


The Boodles National Gallery Garden


Designer: Catherine MacDonald
Contractor: Landform Consultants


A celebration of the 200th anniversary of the National Gallery, inspired by the collection of over 2,300 paintings on display at the gallery.

Subject to planning authority consent, the aim is to rebuild part of the garden in front of the gallery, near the Getty Entrance, facing Trafalgar Square.

RHS No Adults Allowed Garden

The garden sets out to underline the value in accessibility to nature for children, designed by 2023 gold medal and People’s Choice Award winner Harry Holding, and students from Sullivan School in Fulham. It is the first RHS garden to be designed for children, by children.

The garden will be relocated to Sullivan School.

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