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GeoGrow Launches Innovative Range of Environmental Services

by | 10 Jul 23 | Featured Slider, Features, Partner Content, Promotion

GeoGrow, Cannock-based specialists in geotechnical engineered solutions, has launched an innovative range of environmental services and products designed to help landscaping contractors, developers and local authorities include more green spaces into new or existing developments.

The new range is also being supported by a brand new website, which goes live this week.

As part of their services, GeoGrow is proud to use a range of highly effective products from LSC Environmental, including:

  • Organix™ & Fusion™
  • EarthGuard®
  • Mesic™
  • Posi-shell®
Organix™ & Fusion™

As exclusive UK installers of Organix™ and Fusion™, GeoGrow brings this product to the UK for the first time. Offering an alternative erosion control solution that will create green spaces within construction sites.

Organix™ avoids the costly task of importing additional material to remediate depleted soils by reinstating the existing soils with the fundamentals for vegetation establishment and sustainability. Applied with just one spray, Organix™ provides an alternative to importing unnecessary amounts of topsoil, as well as increasing biodiversity net gains in construction projects.

Fusion™ is an engineered Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment (HBSA) that provides a complete topsoil replacement and soil building erosion control solution. This innovative topsoil alternative combines two proven products – EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™ for erosion control and Organix™ for soil building – meaning you get twice the impact with just one single application.


A cost-effective method of high performance erosion control that encourages vegetation establishment. It can be used on steep slopes that aren’t too open to the elements, and can also be applied over erosion matting on high-risk applications, such as slopes prone to wind, rain and run-off.


A hydraulic wood mulch for effective temporary erosion control and hydraulic seeding applications. It forms a protective mulch mat that aids in erosion control and holds the seeds in place, creating an ideal environment for seed germination. Quick to load with minimal hassle, Mesic™ acts as a versatile base mulch that stabilises soil and prevents erosion from both wind and water.


An effective, versatile and cost-efficient landfill cover system that can extend the lifespan of your landfill site and reduce your operational costs significantly. Posi-shell® is an environmental coating system that allows you to achieve maximum airspace utilisation, rather than using soil. It also helps you to make the most of your landfill budget by reducing equipment usage and manpower hours.

For five years, GeoGrow’s existing hydroseeding offering has been providing an alternative method of vegetating open spaces that are often neglected and unsightly, giving a more aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective solution to common issues faced by contractors, consultants and end users. These issues include erosion control, biotic soil amendment, re-vegetation and temporary cover.

The aim of GeoGrow’s latest service and product launch is to expand further on it’s already successful hydroseeding offering and to create awareness of the importance of boosting and supporting biodiversity in the world around us, especially in urban areas where traditionally, it is low.

These new offerings grow the company’s capacity; larger machinery increases it’s capability to deliver larger projects quicker, and it offers alternative options for achieving both vegetated and un-vegetated erosion control without the need for more man hours or material-heavy solutions.

Chris Ansell, managing director of GeoGrow says: “We are excited to be offering a range of LSC Environmental products as part of our drive to expand our greener and temporary cover solutions for the UK environmental markets. LSC offers superior, proven products that provide erosion control, vegetation, hydroseeding and spray-on protections to address today’s persistent environmental challenges.

“Their expertise in spray-on applied environmental coating is unparalleled with over 30 years of manufacturing knowledge. Their strong values of innovation, reliability, integrity and performance align closely with GeoGrow’s ethics and our commitment to providing our customers with innovative solutions that deliver superior, effective results at a low cost with a market leading technical and customer service.”

For more information, please visit

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