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Give your trailer an overhaul with Cub Cadet

When it comes to trailers, if you’re looking for big versatility with a small footprint then look no further than Cub Cadet. The brand’s newly launched Hauler is an innovative and versatile two wheeled trailer designed to attach to any lawn or garden tractor.

Thanks to its four collapsible sides, it can be packed down significantly and stored vertically, taking up 70% less space in your garage or shed than a traditionally designed trailer. In the storage position, the Cub Cadet Hauler is only a mere 18 inches deep, taking up notably less room than a standard trailer.

With the sides up it can be used as standard trailer able to hold up to 4.5 square feet of soil, mulch, clippings etc., or you can increase the versatility by operating in flat mode. When using the hauler with the sides down it is perfect for carrying longer, wider loads such as logs, timber and other odd-sized loads. In this flat mode, the moulded location points can be used to secure tie-down straps, adding peace of mind and safety to any load being hauled.

When operated in the standard trailer mode, the fold down panels allow for convenient access for loading, unloading and emptying.

Constructed from impact resistant industrial grade high strength, low density polymer material, the hauler is rated for loads of up to 800 lbs / 360+kg.  Even when fully loaded the pneumatic air filled tyres are kind to lawns and make for smooth travel and transportation of goods.

The Cub Cadet Hauler, available through all approved Cub Cadet dealers, is an extremely practical, versatile trailer which can be used in a variety of ways, without using up all of your valuable shed space!

The Hauler comes with a reassuring three year warranty.

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