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Glendale appoints Adrian Wickham as corporate director

Glendale has announced the return of Adrian Wickham, who will now be working as corporate director.

Adrian’s appointment comes after being away from the company for two years, as he worked for a law firm. Adrian said: “I’ve returned to the same senior team, and it’s great to get everyone back together. I’m really excited about being back and am feeling very welcomed.”

I left because I was seeking new opportunities. But I remained so intertwined with the landscaping industry, I’ve been pulled back. I enjoy the people and the things happening, and ultimately, I feel there is a bigger need for me in this industry than there is in the legal sector.”

I have always been really attracted to working back at Glendale, especially after working there for 20 years beforehand, whilst they haven’t lost what they were, they are changing to something very much more. I still have a lot of loyalty and respect for Glendale – it’s where I grew up. From boy to man!”

Glendale will be utilising his extensive work experience to keep the company popular, progressive, and modern.

Working at the law firm, Adrian was able to further advance and add to his skillset. “After gaining a different experience, I can now sit and look at a business and understand what needs to improve. One of my biggest assets is that I am able to motivate staff and communicate a vision. I’m excited to see what I can do in my new role here.”

Now, we have big plans for the company, and I understand how we can move it forward, along with the help of managing director, Alex Paterson.”

Glendale is already quite a big player in the industry, but as you can imagine in the legal industry there are hundreds of law firms with turnovers of billions of pounds a year. So, we really competed with a different mindset, we always put our best foot forward and there wasn’t a fear or a feeling of “we can’t do it”, and this is something that I will be bringing and have to bring back to Glendale – there isn’t something that we can’t do or deliver.”

There were many different elevation opportunities that I was able to come across in the legal sector in regard to speaking with new businesses and understanding how you liaise with corporate people in varying corporate environments.”

In his new role at Glendale, Adrian aims to bring this knowledge to enhance the company.

“Glendale is still very much a family run business with a family ethos. I will be developing this ethos further, and also developing USP’s. I have learnt I am good at spotting an opportunity – this happened a lot at the law firm, and we ended up quadrupling in size during the pandemic, and opened new offices across the EU, all as a result! Now, I am seeing the same opportunity with Glendale, and I’m here to seek them out to fruition” explained Adrian.

Adrian left Glendale soon after the passing of Glendale’s founder, Tony Hewitt. “I had lost someone I worked with for 20 years. It is important to me that we build upon Tony’s insights and desires for the business.”

Adrian added: “We are a new Glendale now, and we will keep the views Tony had for further business development. There is a really strong energy in the team around the managing director and the CEO. We will be doing things in a different and more modern way to move forward. A fresh, modern Glendale.”

Let’s hope I’m not the only thing coming home!”

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