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Government announces new legislation for biodiversity net gain

by | 29 Nov 23 | Commercial Landscaping, Nature & Biodiversity, News

Legislation for Biodiversity Net Gain to be laid in parliament as part of new nature package.

In order to secure planning permission developers will be required to use a single, standardised metric and invest in measures to increase biodiversity by a minimum of 10%.

Government announces that from January 2024 large sites will be applicable.

Coming into force for small sites from April.

Chair of the Joe’s Blooms Advisory Board, Dr Robin McArthur, says that “It is great to see the Government delivering on its promise to preserve England’s natural habitats. Biodiversity Net Gain will lead to the creation of more green spaces and the protection of wildlife in communities across the country. Planners and developers must use the next two months to prepare for this exciting opportunity, and digital tools like Joe’s Blooms are ready to support them.”



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