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Gravelrings – No Dig System Creates Exceptional Gravel Driveways

by | 15 Mar 22 | Promotion

Gravel driveway

When deciding upon the most suitable driveway surface for the job, the ongoing maintenance costs (and efforts) are nearly always underestimated. Although tarmac and concrete driveways have little to no short-term maintenance requirements.

When they become tired, dull and worn the only course of action to replace them is to strip back and relay the surface, a costly process for landscapers and homeowners alike. Costs aside, this method also involves lengthy planning permission applications, never mind eight weeks for permission to be granted and for the work to begin.

However, with Gravelrings no dig system, from Beauxfort, tarmac and concrete driveways can be upgraded to a beautiful gravel driveway with ease. Here’s how.

Gravelrings No Dig System

Gravelrings no dig system is an efficient and easy way to upgrade tired, old driveways to an elegant gravel driveway. What makes the no dig system so efficient is the gravel grids can simply be laid on top of the existing driveway, as the sub base is already laid. This means no excavation required – saving time and money on installation.

To install the no dig system, lay the grids upon the existing drive, fix in place with an electric nail gun and then fill the grids with gravel. This method of installing Gravelrings gravel grid has proven that 170sqm can be laid in nearly 2 days, by just two landscapers. Gravelrings no dig system prevents the common pitfalls typically associated with a gravel driveway, just without the mess and cost of excavation work.

Gravel surfaces have a reputation for being difficult to upkeep, as gravel can migrate causing displeasing, sparse patches that regularly need raking back into place. As well as, gravel can become lodged in the tyres of cars, leading to them losing traction, and slot in between the grooves of shoes, allowing gravel to enter the home. However, with Gravelrings gravel grid these problems disappear and a perfect gravel driveway can be achieved.

Achieve A Perfect Gravel Driveway

At just 25mm deep, Gravelrings has one of the lowest profiles available on the market. For clients this means less gravel demand and combined with the no dig system application the cost savings, both long and short term, in achieving a dream gravel driveway are unmatched. Even better, the integral mesh backed base ensures the panels are unable to lift, causing an uneven, rutted surface and more importantly preventing a dangerous trip hazard.

The circle ring design of Gravelrings is what really makes it a superior choice of gravel grid, as the circle is the strongest geometric shape there is. The strength of the circle means Gravelrings has no weak corners, which can easily snap and break. Equipped with a 350 tonne per square metre weight load capacity, Gravelrings has the strength to withstand frequent vehicle movement, for both residential and commercial use.

The shape of Gravelrings creates cells for the gravel to slot into, by securing the gravel in place, gravel cannot spread across the surface to create unsightly patches. Even when gravel is locked into the system Gravelrings remains unseen, hidden stability ensures the tell-tale visible lines of alternate grids do not ruin the finished aesthetic of the gravel driveway.

Whether a no dig system or a traditional application is required, installed with Gravelrings gravel grid below the finished result is a beautiful gravel driveway, with low maintenance and a welcoming approach to the home for many years to come.

Achieve the perfect gravel driveway with the Beauxfort Gravelrings Gravel Grid System. Come visit us at FutureScape Spring stand 35, to find out more information about the Beauxfort landscape systems. Check out our website for design inspiration and to request a free sample, or talk to our friendly team about your project by contacting us on 0330 055 2599 or


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