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Green-tech announces the addition of 100% biodegradable NexGen Tree Shelters to its range

Supplier of tree and shrub shelters Green-tech has today announced the addition of NexGen Tree Shelters to their extensive tree planting range.

Heralded as the natural alternative to plastic, NexGen tree shelters, shrub shelters, spiral guards and vole guards are 100% biodegradable, made from British wood, ethically sourced cashew nutshell liquid and castor oil, and an innovation custom polymer.

NexGen was founded by Gary Hurlstone.  Gary follows in the footsteps of his father, Graham, who, invented the market-leading Tubex Tree Shelter in the mid-1980s. 35 years on and now aware of the harm that plastics can cause, Gary took his father’s design and began four years of painstaking research to produce an updated version that would perform just as well, be cost-effective, and, most important of all, be environmentally friendly. Gary is the proud next generation of his family to invent a high-performance tree shelter called NexGen.

Protecting in the region of 10+ million trees each and every year Green-tech will be a key distributor of the NexGen range.

Richard Gill, Sales Director for Green-tech comments, “At Green-tech we are continuously searching for products and solutions that complement our 28-year history of product research and development. Many of our customers require environmentally-friendly tree planting options and we are delighted to become an official NexGen distributor and add their shelters to our range, giving our customers more viable choices. The research and technology that has gone into this product is impressive, as is the results. I am anticipating great take-up.”

The biodegradable NexGen shelters are lightweight and rigid to withstand handling and weather. They are designed to change colour over time to blend into the natural environment with no loss of performance and will start to break down after 5 years* to feed the soil and support the ecosystem.

Perfect for the environmentally conscious project, in addition to being 100% biodegradable, NexGen shelters are ecotoxicity and pH neutral. Independent testing has demonstrated that they perform as well as plastic and proven to last five years. After which time they create a nourishing micro-environment and do not need to be collected. The NexGen shelters will help users meet their own carbon and sustainability targets

Gary Hurlstone, Founder and MD of NexGen adds, “We want to help mitigate climate change, support the demand to plant trees and reduce the environmental impact of plastic in our countryside. We spent four years working with industry experts to develop the NexGen range of protective shelters and I am delighted that Green-tech is on board as a distributor. Green-tech has a wide reach within the industry and were keen to add to their environmentally-friendly and plastic-free options, so NexGen is a great fit for them.”

Green-tech is taking enquiries and pre-orders now for delivery from October onwards. For more information visit www.Green-tech.co.uk/tree-planting-products/tree-and-shrub-shelters/nexgen-shrub-shelter-protection

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