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Green-tech become official distributor of NUE-TREE FERT

by | 23 Sep 22 | News

It has been announced today that landscape provide Green-tech have added NUE-TREE FERT to their range of forestry planting products.

This move enables Green-tech to offer a complete nutritional range of fertilisers for the forestry industry.

NUE-TREE FERT has been developed by Origin Fertilisers who have over 50 years technical experience of supplying woodland reforestation schemes. This is a tried and tested range that focuses on nutrient use efficiency.

Green-tech will be adding five products to its range.

  1. NUE-TREE FERT CRF – A high quality, controlled release fertiliser developed specifically for planting hole application.
  2. NUE-TREE FERT GAFSA P – A rock phosphate in an easy to apply granular form. Extremely versatile with no risk of leaching.
  3. NUE-TREE FERT GAFSA PK – Most suitable phosphate for trees in UK conditions. It combines rock phosphate and potash.
  4. NUE-TREE FERT NP – Provides essential nutrients for establishment and maintenance in high K soils. It combines nitrogen and rock phosphate
  5. NUE-TREE FERT NPK – Promotes strong root development. Combines nitrogen, rock phosphate and potash in an easy to apply granular form.

Sales director for Green-tech, Richard Gill comments, “Becoming distributors of NUE-TREE FERT is great news for our customers. This is a high-end innovative product range which focuses on increasing nutrient efficiencies.  It enhances our current offering and is targeted at commercial forestry, native woodland schemes, and Christmas tree growers. Green-tech is the leading supplier of tree planting products, and the addition of this fertiliser range offers our customers even greater choice.”

Callum Norman, speciality sales manager said: “Origin Fertilisers is delighted to partner with Green-tech as its national distributor of our NUE-TREE FERT range of products. Green-tech’s distribution and logistics network extends the reach for this product range, enabling it to be sold nationally across UK and Ireland.”

Green-tech will be profiling the new range of NUE-TREE FERT at APF. Visit them on stand D13b or view the online at

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