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Green-tech helps Bradford Council create network of rain gardens to reduce flooding

by | 20 Feb 24 | Supplier News, Sustainability

Bradford Council carries out highway improvement and sustainable landscaping works with the support of landscape supplier Green-tech.

The project, designed by Bradford Council’s own landscape architects and highways engineers, looks to deliver improvements to the area locally known as the ‘Top of Town’.

Improvement works include tackling climate change, reducing the risk of surface water flooding, and helping preserve and protect the environment of the conservation area.

This is addressed in the soft landscaping, which includes the installation of a new tree planting scheme and raised rain gardens as part of a Sustainable drainage system (SuDs) throughout the scheme, which consisted of planting 2,000 plants and 34 trees.

Green-tech supplied 440 tonnes of Bioretention Soil and 240 tonnes of Green-tech subsoil to create the rain gardens, which will work to soak away run-off rainwater to help prevent the overloading of sewers.

The project’s planting scheme also includes semi-mature trees, which will contribute to the physical landscape as well as creating new habitats and increasing biodiversity.

The design reflects the public consultation results, which saw ‘overwhelming’ support for the greening of public spaces and the creation of new public spaces.

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