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Green-tech helps grandmother achieve goal of growing 5000 trees

Grandmother, Janet Willoner, contacted Green-tech to ask for their help with her tree planting plan.

Inspired by her grandchildren’s involvement and dedication to the ‘School Strike for Climate’ movement, Janet felt strongly that she had to do something to help combat climate change too.

Janet explained: “I was impressed by their commitment, and felt ashamed that I was living through these times and had done nothing myself about climate change. But what could I do? Joining a demonstration and waving a placard wasn’t my thing, so I hatched a plan to grow and nurture 5000 trees ready for planting before I reached age 85.”

Green-tech have been delivering the necessary supplies to Janet to help her hit her goal. “Their generosity enables me to produce a huge number of saplings which will eventually be planted in the Northern Forest, and contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. It also means that I’m not worrying about how I can finance the project and I can just get on with growing trees!

Marketing director, Kate Humes, concluded: “Janet is a remarkable woman and an inspiration to us all. I am delighted to be able to donate professional grade compost, grit and fertiliser to help with her personal quest, which will benefit generations to come. It’s amazing to see what one determined lady has achieved.”

Thrilled, Janet concluded: “I’m extremely grateful to Green-tech for sponsoring me and providing the compost, grit and fertiliser. This is a massive help which will enable me to continue growing trees to benefit future generations, and mitigate the effects of climate change.”

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