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Green-tech official partner for recycling scheme

by | 20 Apr 23 | Featured Slider, News, Partner Content, Supplier News, Sustainability

Yorkshire-based supplier Green-tech has been announced as an official partner for a recently launched recycling scheme by tree guard manufacturer Rainbow Professional.

The Rainbow Recycling Scheme for old PVC spiral or PVC vole guards is available to any professional end user.

Dean Jackson, head of Green-tech sales, says: “It is not currently feasible to eradicate plastic totally, but we can do the next best thing – we can use recycled plastic. And in partnership with Rainbow Professional, we can collect and recycle old tree spirals and give them a new life rather than leave in the environment or commit to landfill.”

Bags can be ordered from Green-tech or direct from Rainbow. Once full they will be collected and transported to Rainbow’s manufacturing facility in Hull where they will be shredded and washed if needed. Depending on the quality, they may be immediately usable to process into new spirals, processed further into pellets, or used as in-fill for window frames.

“It is recommended to remove hedge spirals between September and March when hedge plants are bare of leaves and the bird nesting season has finished,” adds Jackson. “For collections of 6-15 bags (each bag will hold approximately 700 spirals), the scheme will run from April to September, outside of the planting season. However, for collection of over 15 bags, the scheme will run all year round.”

PVC can be used up to nine times, making it “one of the most recyclable polymers in the world.” Rainbow Professional uses 100% recycled materials, which it says is estimated to save at least two million kilograms of carbon every year and 50 million kilograms to date over the past 25 years.

Green-tech is running several free webinars, each lasting around 30 minutes, to explain the scheme and the process in detail. The first is being held on Tuesday 25 April. To reserve your place, click here.

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