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Green wall panels transform view in West London

An unattractive and utilitarian boundary fence in the heart of West London, Notting Hill has been transformed using artificial green wall panels from Green Envee.

The clients faced the challenge of having a security fence which not only afforded an excellent view of their property and premises but also gave a poor impression of their brand. They wanted to improve the appearance of their premises, making it more contemporary and less industrial. They also wanted to hide the grounds and everything in them, from public view.

A sensible budget was essential which meant that any solution would need to use easily available resources. The site has no soil and no water to hand and so conventional hedging or green walling was out of the question. Although the fence in question was intact and strong, it would not be able to support a heavy weight long term. Several options were explored before the clients settling on artificial green wall panels.

Weighing just 7kg each, Milan and Rome Green Wall Panels were easily fixed to the existing fence using heavy duty cable ties. Work took less than two days and so labour costs were minimised.

The street was transformed from having an industrial outlook to one of luxurious opulence, pleasing not only the client, but local residents too. Installation costs represented good value for money and going forward the maintenance costs will be minimal.

Giving Green Envee a 5-star rating for the products, Allesandro McMillan, project manager and registered installer said: “Absolutely blown away by these quality products. This is a high end development and there wasn’t room for any “fake”. The planted wall panels made an immediate positive impact with everyone including local residents. A stunning enhancement.”

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