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GreenBlue Urban Unveils RootSpace® Installation Guide

by | 10 Jun 24 | Commercial Landscaping, Partner Content | 0 comments

GreenBlue Urban proudly announces the launch of the RootSpace® Installation Guide, designed to assist subcontractors in the seamless installation of the revolutionary RootSpace tree pit system. As the only fully integrated tree pit system made in Britain from 100% recycled materials, RootSpace represents a significant advancement in urban tree planting technology.


RootSpace®: Revolutionising urban tree planting with superior soil cells


At GreenBlue Urban, we pride ourselves on pioneering the best tree pit systems available worldwide. Our RootSpace pavement support system stands out in the market with a series of unparalleled advantages designed to foster healthier, longer-living urban trees. Here’s a detailed look at what makes our soil cells exceptional:


Unmatched soil volume


  • Offers the highest soil volume per cell compared to any other system.
  • Enhances water availability, nutrient access, and overall tree longevity.
  • Maximises below-ground soil volume in congested urban areas.


BBA approval: The gold standard


  • Certified by the British Board of Agrément for consistent product quality.
  • Ensures reliable load bearing and reduced risk of failure.
  • Provides peace of mind for urban planners and engineers.
  • Exclusive Side Loading Feature


Only soil cell system worldwide with optional side panels for enhanced lateral stability.

Provides extra strength and reduces the risk of settlement.

Ensures trees grow upright and strong, minimising structural failure risks.


AirDeck: Leading the industry in soil aeration


The only soil cell system with an airflow lid for essential soil aeration.

Prevents detrimental anaerobic conditions, fostering healthier roots and tree vitality.

Innovative Soil Panel System.

Features a patented British design with an intelligent lattice structure.

Maximises strength and soil volume while reducing transportation costs.


Additional benefits


Made from 100% recycled material and proudly manufactured in the UK.

Provides class-leading load-bearing strength.

Features a quick and efficient soil filling process.

Integrates all key components into one package, reducing design time and eliminating compatibility issues.

Boasts 23 years of soil cell development, with a proven track record of successful planting projects globally.

Available in ocean plastic and interfaces seamlessly with the Root Director.

Requires no concrete lid, no complex on-site mixing, and eliminates the need for quarrying.

GreenBlue Urban’s RootSpace is not just a product; it’s a revolution in urban tree planting. By choosing RootSpace, you invest in healthier, more resilient urban forests.


About GreenBlue Urban


GreenBlue Urban is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable urban landscapes through the development of innovative products and systems for the protection, support, and nurturing of trees in urban environments. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, GreenBlue Urban continues to lead the industry in urban tree planting solutions.

To download the RootSpace Installation Guide visit:
or to learn more about our products, please visit or contact:
01580 830800
Creating healthier urban spaces in harmony with nature.


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