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Within the industry of street furniture, mmcité is one of the first manufactures in the world to introduce products created by 3D concrete printing. Following solar panels, wireless charging, and green roofs, 3D printing is another innovation mmcité not only experimented with, but also introduces to the market in the form of a thoughtful design.

“Times are fast-paced, and customers don’t want to wait. There is always some type of crisis lurking around the corner. This forces us to be flexible and efficient. That’s why, in collaboration with the technological leader in 3D concrete printing, ICE Industrial Services, we have developed the Typo collection of planters,” explains the owner and lead designer of mmcité, David Karásek.

“This is the first time mmcité has used 3D printing as a final technology. The greatest benefit is the versatility of shapes, which could not be achieved by using traditional molds. Additionally, concrete needs to cure in the mold for at least a day after casting. With 3D printing, it takes only half an hour, and another piece can be printed,” reveals designer Michael Tomalik. “By
resembling an imaginary font, letters or symbols, Typo is in its way another form of typography in public space,” he adds.

The pointed profile of the planter and its branching gives the impression that it’s balancing on its narrowest point. The intentional simplicity of this shape allows to easily replace the final products according to the demands of the market.

Additionally, the planters can also be equipped with an irrigation system which makes them a perfect addition to any public space, even the one with lack of natural rainfall.

An established brand known for its unmistakeable, cutting-edge design philosophy, mmcité is involved in the design, development and realisation of innovative street furniture projects around the world, with a portfolio including benches, litter bins, bicycle stands and shelters. All its designs are underpinned by the common thread of a signature aesthetic and the fulfilment of all possible user requirements. Major emphasis is placed on the use of high-functioning materials, which have to work in any environment and withstand the most demanding conditions.

mmcité is not just a supplier of quality street furniture, but also a partner to anyone who wants to make public space into something extraordinary. The list of honours the brand has accumulated over its 25 years in the industry includes Good Design, Red Dot, iF Design, EDIDA and Czech Grand Design awards. You will find mmcité products in great European cities such as London, Prague, Copenhagen, Budapest and Paris, as well as in North and South America. mmcité street furniture has even found a place at the summit of Mont Blanc, the Dubai Water Canal, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, and at the American headquarters of Google and Uber.

The firm currently has 10 branches and 32 distributors around the world, and alongside its original home base in the Czech Republic also offers its own studio, mmcité design, led by David Karásek. mmcité is also a founding member of the Association of Czech Industrial Design.

For more information, please contact Jozef Hupian,, +44 7591 214 612

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